Easy to use • Airtight • Hanging • Reusable • Versatile Protect and store hanging garments in a fraction of the space. Holds up to 5 items.

Ideal for coats, dresses, shirts and suits.

Complete with attractive cover.

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Our Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags protect up to 5 hanging garments. All sizes are in cm.

Hanging Vacuum Bag

Vacuum bag: 140 x 70 x 0.2cm

Protective cover: 145 x 72 x 18cm

Extra Long Hanging Vacuum Bag

Vacuum bag: 167 x 64 x 0.2cm

Protective cover: 164 x 64 x 18cm

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5 star rating By Mrs Davies
Bought this to put my husbands suits in. Perfect size and makes the wardrobe look a lot tidier

5 star rating By Dawn
This product is amazing! If you want an item that’s going to organise your wardrobe at the same time as making it look great, this is the one!