5 Essential Decluttering Tactics You Need to Know Ahead of National Organising Week (1st – 7th November)

5 Essential Decluttering Tactics You Need to Know Ahead of National Organising Week (1st – 7th November)

5 deluttering hacks

Did you know, many of us don’t realise that living in a cluttered home can have an impact on our mental health. A recent survey of homeowners showed that 44% of people experience ‘mess-stress’ at least weekly and 72% of ‘naturally tidy’ people have experienced stress from an untidy home over the pandemic*. We live in a society which teaches us that the more things we have, the happier we will be, and this simply is not the case.

Living in a materialistic culture can cause unnecessary stress. However, this doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy treating ourselves from time to time. At Packmate, we provide the perfect answer to space-saving storage, so don’t hesitate to purchase a new cosy jumper, or grab a few bargains in the sale, ready for your next summer holiday.

With an innovative design and patented technology, our Packmate Vacuum Storage Bags are your best friend when it comes to storing away items that you’re not currently using. Outstandingly, by using the Storage Bags, you can save up to 4 times the space, resulting in an uncluttered household, allowing your mind to unwind.

Getting on top of your clutter can seem like a momentous chore. Yet, if you follow these 5 essential decluttering tactics, you’ll have created an organised home and will notice the mess-stress melting away…


Letting go

Making the decision to part with something you have held onto for many years can be a daunting task. Why did you keep it in the first place? Does it have sentimental value? Do you still use it or will you ACTUALLY use it again? Asking these key questions and being honest with yourself can help you make the choice to keep or let go.

Many of us hold onto items that may be apart of an unfinished project, or because we’re afraid that we may not be able to afford to replace it in the future, such as out of date make up and unworn clothing.

Of course, there may be things that you own that take up a lot of space, but you only use some of the time. Take your winter or summer duvet for example, over the months it’s not used, it would be a better solution to store this away in a space-saving and practical way. Packmate High Volume Storage Bags are an ideal answer, as by using them you can reduce a duvet’s size by up to 75%. This will leave room in your home to neatly organise the items you decide to keep.

With practise, letting go of possessions you no longer love will get easier. In turn, it will allow you to accomplish your organisation and decluttering goals.


Separate by season

By sorting your wardrobe into seasonal groups, you can maximise your closet and make choosing an outfit a lot easier. By storing all out-of-season clothing and shoes away in our Packmate Vacuum Storage Bags, you can easily swap over your wardrobe when the weather changes.

As the storage bags will compress your items of clothing significantly, packing them away is easy. Under your bed, in drawers or even into your suitcase is the best place for easy access. You can relax knowing that your possessions will remain pristine and protected from dust, damp and household pests too.


Donate and Recycle

A good rule of thumb to follow when decluttering, is that if you have something in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in the last 12 months, it is time to donate or sell it on to someone who will get lots of use out of it. Gumtree, Depop or even Facebook Marketplace are great online sites that will allow you to pass on your once-loved shoes, cosy coats or even your least favourite pair of denim jeans! Please remember to follow all recommended precautions and rules when using online selling sites.


Strategically placed decluttering bags and baskets

Placing bags or baskets around the home is a great tip for those who lead busy lifestyles and struggle to dedicate time each week to decluttering. Using this method will help you to keep clutter under control and incorporate it into your daily routine.

We often come across things we no longer love but have no idea where to put them until we have the time to sort through properly. Clothes, DVDs, toys and much more often stay put. Even with the best of intentions, it can take months to get around to it.

For example, place a bag inside your wardrobe to store clothes you don’t wear anymore. This keeps your hanging space clear which will make it easier to choose an outfit. Using this process will create a sense of calm, whilst giving you more space in your home. Of course, once the bags are full it is time to donate or sell them.

Tip: Donate unwanted fabrics to your local dogs home as they can use them as bedding.


Maximise your space

Packmate Vacuum Storage Bags are so useful when decluttering. There’s no need to purchase a special vacuum cleaner either, as they have been designed to be compatible with most vacuums. Our High Volume Storage Bags are ideal for storing larger and bulkier items such as duvets and pillows.

The bags are commonly used with plastic storage boxes as they shrink down to a similar shape and can be stored neatly together. The condensed bags can also slide effortlessly under your bed and fit perfectly inside or on top of your wardrobe.

We’re so confident that they will last the test of time, all our Vacuum Storage Bags come with a 5 year no-quibble guarantee so you can assuredly maximise your space for many years to come. Test them out for yourself to see what all the fuss is about…

A clutter-free organised life is an easier, less stressful one.

*Source: Nationally representative survey of 250 respondents conducted by Kantar on behalf of Serenely Sorted

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