5 reasons you should be using Packmate vacuum storage bags

Packmate vacuum bags

Do you want to increase the available space in your home? There’s nothing better than a tidy, airy room that offers the freedom to move around. Don’t worry though, you won’t need to throw out half of your things to clear your space, we have the perfect solution for organising your home!

Our clever vacuum storage bags allow you to compress your belongings helping you to store more in a much smaller space.

As well as being updated to be more environmentally friendly, our bags have a new valve that will fit even more vacuum nozzles and come with a colour changing zipper so you know the bag is fully sealed.

Want to hear more about the great benefits to using our handy vacuum storage bags? Keep reading…

Keep your contents safe

Made from industrial strength material our storage bags are protected from rips and tears to ensure your contents are safeguarded from pests, moisture, odour, and dust.

After you seal items in our storage bags, your items will come out as fresh as when they went in and will return to their original shape, even after an extended period in storage.

Maximise your space

With our vacuum storage bags, you can create up to four times more space in your home.

By simply removing the air with a vacuum cleaner, you can store clothing, cushions, bedding sets and more in our medium to extra-large bags and our jumbo bag is capable of storing a King size duvet.

Make use of nooks and crannies 

No matter where you’re planning to store your compressed contents, our bags come in a range of shapes and sizes so you can even make use of tight spaces.  

  • Flat Vacuum Storage Bags: these compress flat for easy storage under a bed or in drawers, as well as the usual attic, garage or cellar space.
  • High-volume Cubes: come with a square gusset base and are ideal for storing bulkier items. They fit perfectly inside plastic storage boxes.
  • Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags: these can be hung in your wardrobe to increase available space while being disguised in a decorative outer cover.
  • Travel Roll Storage Bags: the perfect way to get more into your suitcase without a vacuum – simply roll out the air using a one-way valve.

You can buy more clothes!

Is your wardrobe full to bursting? Take control of your clothing crisis without having to part with your favourite fashions.

When you carefully store your clothes in our vacuum storage bags you’ll keep them fresh and safe ready for when you’re ready to wear them again.  

Improved wellbeing

Decluttering can help ease symptoms of anxiety and stress as you create more space in your home.

That’s why you see so many cleaning influencers popping up like Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo. A tidy home brings a new level of satisfaction and improves your lifestyle.

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