Alison's Blog - Bonfire Night

November 2016

Well the countdown has started to one of our favourite nights of the year… you can’t beat wrapping up in all your winter gear and heading down to the local annual bonfire!

It’s always an amazing turn out, I don’t know where all the people come from to be honest, but as we follow the smell of the BBQ and treacle toffee, the streets are busy and we’re all heading in the same direction.

It’s one of the best firework displays around, all coordinated to music and it makes it extra special that the girls (my crazy friends) and their little girls (total cuties) all come along too. After we’ve enjoyed the fireworks, some fairground rides and attacked the BBQ we all head back to my house for a sleepover and to thaw out!

I rummage under the bed to find my guest dressing gowns and duvets that have all be stored in my High Volume Vacuum storage bags – it’s like a magic trick when I keep pulling out one dressing gown after the other – the kids find it hilarious…just call me Dynamo.

We all get in our warm cosy dressing gowns, and curl up in front of the fire for a movie night. I can almost taste the popcorn already… bring on bonfire night!


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