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Clever storage for your Christmas decs!

So the kids have been desperate to put the Christmas tree up for what feels like months – probably since they saw the advent calendars in the shops in October.

This weekend we finally gave in. It’s such a magical day, wandering around the Christmas trees, choosing the one that’s just right! Not too bear, not too full at the bottom and thin at the top, and trying to figure out if it’s the right size, because someone forgot to measure the space we’ve chosen for it to live for the next few weeks (mentioning no names, but looks a lot like my husband).

We finally found the one and brought it home to join us for Christmas. Next challenge, find last year’s decorations in the loft!

Much to my delight, I’d completely forgotten how organised I was last year when I packed away my decorations in the Storeasy Christmas storage products I found on Amazon. No broken baubles or crumpled wrapping paper. Even my fairy lights were tangle free after using the Christmas light storage reel. There are lots of clever storage solutions to protect all of your Christmas goodies!

On Sunday night, we curled up next to the fire, with the Christmas tree lights twinkling in the background and a festive mug of mulled wine. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (I’d better finish off the Christmas shopping!)

I purchased mine from Amazon. Here's a link. 






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