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Creating space in your wardrobe with PackMate hanging bags

We’re all guilty of stuffing our wardrobes so full that it’s hard to close them…don’t try to deny it. Well, you never know when you might wear that dress or suit again, and the selection of coats will come in handy next winter… right?

So I had to find a solution that meant I could keep it all, guilt free!

As ever, trusty PackMate has come to the rescue with their Hanging vacuum bags.

Complete with an attractive cover, the hanging bags protect and store hanging garments in a fraction of the space. Holding up to five items (120cm x 70cm), the PackMate hanging vacuum bags can reduce the volume by up to 75%, tripling your storage space!

The bags protect items from moisture, mildew, insects, odours, and allergens. The double seal zip features a secure closure every time. It really is the ideal solution to gain some more wardrobe space!

Look out for the new extra-long range launching this month (170cm x 65cm). Ideal for long dresses, and even a cost effective option to store your wedding dress!


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