Alison's Blog - Organised for Autumn

Being a busy, working mum of two, who is still trying to hold on to my ‘youth’, my passion for all things organised helps me to, almost, squeeze everything into life that I want to.

I’m Alison. Just hit the ‘Fab at 40’ milestone. My little family is crazy in the best possible way. My friends are crazier, and I love them all the more for it.

As you might guess, life can get pretty hectic. In recent years I seem to have adopted a nickname - Monica! And if you’ve ever seen the show ‘Friends’ – you’ll understand why. I’m mega organised, I like to keep things clean, tidy and in order (which doesn’t annoy the hubby at all).

I don’t only do the spring clean. This time of year I’m getting all organised for autumn. Reluctantly packing away the summer wardrobe, storing the summer duvets and digging out the winter coats. Multiply this by four people and you might ask, ‘where do you find the space?’

Well, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Packmate Vacuum storage bags.

PackMate’s Flat Vacuum storage bags are the perfect way to store more over winter and ensure your favourite summer clothes remain dry and fresh until next year. They can be stored neatly under beds, in drawers or wardrobes, and they come in a variety of sizes. I managed to store a king size duvet, double duvet, four pillows and a suitcase of clothes in the bags underneath a double bed, instead of in large boxes on top of the wardrobe. Just amazing!  

The easiest way to be organised this autumn.


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