Decluttering tips to prep your home for summer

Decluttering tips to prep your home for summer

Organising your home ready for summer shouldn’t be considered a chore, instead you could think of it as something to look forward to. Once spic and span, you’ll feel proud when inviting guests over to make the most of the summer at your humble abode! 

Packmate’s revolutionary storage bags are game changing when it comes to decluttering and storing items that take up the most space around the house, such as out of season soft furnishings, clothes, bedding, bags and even shoes.

What’s more, you can even access your vacuum stored belongings as and when you need with ease, so there’s no need to throw prized possessions away.

We've put together some top decluttering tips to help you prepare your home for summer.

Make a summer to-do list

First things first, take a walk around your home and garden and make a note of everything you’d like to tidy up, whether that’s organising the hallway or giving the living room a new lease of life with bright, fresh colours. While you might not get time to tick them all off, having a list to refer to will help focus your mind.

Tidy your outdoor space

Your garden may have become overgrown and untidy after a long winter. All it takes is a little care and attention and a quick declutter to create the perfect summertime haven! Simply straighten up any garden ornaments, pick up any fallen plants and, most importantly, pull your outdoor cushions out of vacuum bag storage to add the finishing touch!

Brighten your interior

With more sunlight beaming into your home, it’s only natural to want to brighten the place up with bold, fresh summer colours. Start by setting aside all out-of-season soft furnishings and choose a new theme to go with! Then, pop anything you won’t use into a Packmate storage bag, vacuum, and store until next year.

Sort out your summer wardrobe

Lastly, decluttering your wardrobe of winter clothes will give you plenty of room to purchase some vibrant summer outfits, helping you prepare for the upcoming warmer weather. Of course, using our storage bags to pack away your winter clothes eliminates the need to throw anything away, saving money and the planet. It’s a win-win!

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