How to get the most out of your suitcase space

Are you planning a staycation this year? While international travel may still be on the cards for 2021, many people are planning their great escape away in the UK this summer.

If you’re planning on a break away in a cottage or caravan, then packing your essentials and fitting them into your car could be a challenge. So, we’ve got the tips and tricks you need, meaning you don’t have to compromise on your holiday gear.

Read how to make space in your suitcase for your hair dryer, skin care essentials, and entire wardrobe…

Compress the contents

When you use our Packmate Travel Roll Storage Bags you can easily fit more into your suitcase without needing to use a vacuum thanks to its clever one-way valve.

Our travel storage bags help you create up to four times more space in your suitcase, caravan or holiday home so that you can enjoy your time away without feeling cramped.

These handy travel bags also protect your contents from dirt, dust, damp and pests, helping to keep your clothes and bedding fresh while on the move.

Pack smarter not harder

Make the most of your space when packing for your holiday by using every bit of your suitcase, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice your favourite holiday accessories.

Use every inch of room available, making sure to pack your things into every gap. A great tip is to squeeze your socks into your trainers!

Plan your outfits

Don’t panic pack all your clothes! Think about what you’ll actually need on your trip and remember to plan for different weather types – it’s a UK staycation after all.

A great trick is to try and choose clothes that can be mixed and matched.

Share the load

If you’re going on holiday with a group of friends or family, ask others if they’re taking essentials such as shampoo or toothpaste and whether you can share.

That way it saves your suitcase space and you’re not doubling up on the things you need to take away with you.

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