Introducing Packmate’s newest additions!

Introducing Packmate’s newest additions!

Did you know, Packmate was established nearly 25 years ago? We’ve been on an incredible journey and have since introduced some fantastic changes to our branding, as well as making the switch to eco-friendly packaging. We’ve not stopped there and are proud to announce the launch of our latest products!

Aromatic Cedar Wood Set

Our clever new Aromatic Cedar Wood Set offers an easy, cost-effective way of preserving the life of your clothes! Each set contains several natural wood moth repellents that simply slide onto the hook of your clothes hanger. What's more, they double up as a moisture absorber, keeping your wardrobe fresh all year round! You can buy them online or in-store at Lakeland.

Satin and Waffle Clothes Hangers

Available in packs of three, our new quality Waffle and Satin Hangers are the key to protecting your delicate and precious fabrics, such as blouses, shirts and dresses, so you can keep them for many more years. Plus, their touch of luxury gives great aesthetic pleasure!

Not only do our Satin and Waffle Hangers prevent damage but they also help perfectly ironed clothes hold their shape so there’s no need to worry about steaming out the creases again and again. Paired with our Hanging Vacuum Bags, you can store your garments safely until you need them.

Wooden Children’s Hangers

Our new long-lasting sustainable Wooden Children’s Hangers make tidying your little one’s clothes away an effortless process while creating an organised wardrobe or closet that leaves you feeling completely satisfied. They’re available in packs of three and can be bought in either white or grey, so you can keep to your desired colour scheme.

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