Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

Did you know? We’re one of very few brands that offer a lifetime guarantee on our entire vacuum storage bag range. We ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction through our promise to test or replace any vacuum storage bags with a potential manufacturer fault!  

What is Packmate’s Lifetime Guarantee?  

Packmate’s lifetime guarantee protects your storage bags from all manufacturing defects, so if you notice a fault after purchase, you’ll be able to make a claim – even after 14 days! This is our promise to you that we strive to ensure the best quality products and service from the very beginning.  

For example, if your vacuum bag has a faulty zipper, vacuum valve or roll valve, these are covered under our lifetime guarantee. Our lifetime guarantee also covers any tears and holes in the bag present within the first 14 days after purchase. In this case, we’ll either ask you to return the bags to us for thorough testing or send you a replacement vacuum storage bag immediately.  

How to register your lifetime guarantee 

Not forgetting the most important point, remember that although Packmate’s lifetime guarantee spans across our entire vacuum storage bag range, you still need to register your guarantee for it to be effective. After registering your guarantee online, subscribe and we’ll send you a FREE travel roll bag! Here’s what you need to do to register your Packmate Lifetime Guarantee online:  

  • Head to our Lifetime Guarantee registration page  
  • Fill in a few details regarding your Packmate purchase  
  • Enter either the unique number or guarantee code  

It’s that simple! Just remember to retain proof of purchase, as if you do need to make a claim, you’ll need this.  

What’s not covered? 

Our lifetime guarantee doesn’t cover any accidental rips, tears or holes caused after 14 days from the date you initially purchased the bag. Damages must be manufacturer faults only, and not developed after purchase. Aside from that, everything else is covered by Packmate’s lifetime guarantee.  

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