Make time to reinvigorate your home and your mind.

Make time to reinvigorate your home and your mind.

When you combine innovative storage solutions, a clever use of space and a cathartic declutter you’ll transform your home into a spacious haven that benefits you in more ways than one.

Why should you make room?

Decluttering the home can help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress while bringing natural light and a sense of freedom to your home.

How can I make space?

You don’t have to completely gut your home to feel the positive effects of having a clear out. Some simple storage solutions are just as useful to help reduce the amount of space that your belongings take up.

Our vacuum storage bags can help you to tidily stow bedding, clothes and other soft items by reducing their normal volume by up to 75%, meaning you’ll triple your available space.

Why use our vacuum storage bags?

Made using industrial strength material, our bags won’t tear plus your possessions will be protected from moths, moisture, odour, and dust but they’ll return to their original shape when you want them.

Our range of vacuum solutions open up a whole new world of space saving ideas, such as:

  • Using a flat bag in a drawer, cupboard or under the bed.
  • Filling a high-volume storage bag with a square base to protect items that you might store on top of a wardrobe or in the attic or cellar.
  • Storing your garments in a hanging vacuum storage bag for the perfect space saving solution in your wardrobe.

Our vacuum storage bags have been tried and tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute and come with a five-year guarantee, that’s how confident we are that they’ll be a great addition to your spring-cleaning arsenal.

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