The benefits of using Packmate storage solutions for winterising your caravan

The benefits of using Packmate storage solutions for winterising your caravan

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s important to make sure your holiday home is winterised and prepared for the colder months. As you get ready to roll up your sleeves and leave your vehicle for the winter season, following key processes is crucial to ensure your belongings will stay in perfect condition. Ready for when your caravan or motorhome is pulled out of hibernation in the spring.

Popular amongst many caravan owners and campers, Packmate storage bags are the ideal solution for deterring dampness and protecting the contents from dirt, dust and bugs!

Keep reading to discover the benefits of using Packmate storage bags and clothing care items to keep your van belongings intact this winter.

How can you leave your possessions in your caravan all year round?

One of the biggest annoyances of leaving your caravan for the winter period is packing up and moving your belongings from one location to another. However, with Packmate’s robust storage bags, items such as clothes, blankets, bedding and utensils can all be left in your van, throughout the seasons, without having to worry about dampness or dust getting to them. This way, the only things you will need to take back to your house with you are your valuables!

Packmate’s high-quality storage bags have an anti-fungal feature to ensure that the contents avoid mold and stay fresh, regardless of the temperature or weather conditions. 

Create up to four times as much space

Available in a range of versatile sizes from small to jumbo, Packmate’s Vacuum Storage Bags can be easily compressed down to create up to four times as much space, which is ideal for creating more storage room when space is limited!

By utilising Packmate’s storage bags, your belongings can be kept tucked away and out of sight whilst your van or motorhome is out of use.

Packmate’s Flat Storage Bags are perfect for storing bedding and clothing which can be easily tidied away in a cupboard or under the bed.

Suitable for all temperatures

As winter arises, frost and moisture come out to play, which can be damaging to all of your possessions. However, by storing personal items away in vacuum storage bags, you will no longer have to fear frost ruining your clothes and bedding when kept in your caravan.

Suitable to be stored in both cold and hot weather, Packmate’s indestructible bags can be used to protect your items all year round. Whether it be winterising your van in the cooler months or storing away extra bedding and clothing during the summer.

Keep clothing and bedding smelling fresh

There is nothing worse than unpacking your caravan bedding to be welcomed by an overwhelming musky smell. Packing your items away in storage bags not only ensures they stay dirt and dust free but also keeps everything smelling fresh for next time!

By vacuum bagging your bedding with our aromatic Cedar Wood Set, your sheets will keep the refreshing aroma of fragrant cedar wood. The set offers a traditional method of preserving clothing and bedding, absorbing moisture to keep your items fresh until you unpack them again next year.

Prevent bugs and pests from ruining your items

When leaving your van in the winter months, pests and bugs may invade your space! Firstly, removing all food from your van is vital to ensure that it does not spoil and attract bugs to the vehicle in your absence.

By introducing Packmate’s sturdy, multi-layer laminated nylon bags, your belongings can be kept airtight and in an environment that will not be ripped or punctured. This secure solution means that pests and bugs will not be able to gain access to your belongings, keeping your items safe and secure whilst you are not in your motorhome or van.

Our innovative Cedar Wood Set is also ideal for caravan storage due to its moth-repelling properties. This natural way of deterring pests means that your clothes and bedding will remain damage free when you return in the springtime.

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