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The best Christmas décor storage ideas from Packmate!

Jolly festivities are now in full swing and glitzy decorations are hung proudly on Christmas trees across the world, if you haven’t got round to it yet, what are you waiting for?

Among all the excitement and preparation, you may not have considered how to pack them away safely to avoid damage to your décor come 1st January.

The team at Packmate have put their heads together and shared their Christmas decoration storage hacks, here are a few ideas to give you inspiration to keep your baubles, lights and other festive bits and pieces as beautiful as ever…



Keep your wrapping supplies safe

Finding somewhere to store all your wrapping supplies after the Christmas present wrapping season ends and keeping them pristine for next year is a challenge.

Using Packmate’s Vacuum Storage Bags, you can easily store away wrapping paper, ribbons, tissue paper and even unused Christmas cards so they are as good as new to use in twelve months’ time!

Lie your storage bag flat and place your rolls of festive paper, gift bags and beautiful ribbon inside, before vacuuming the air out to secure the items in position.

You can now easily slide it under the bed or store in a drawer. Because of the patented one-way valve, you can be confident that this method will keep your supplies safe from dirt, dust, damp and bugs, ready to use again!


Pack tree ornaments in egg cups

Storing all your precious baubles inside clean egg boxes will protect them from damage. Using Packmate Storage Bags will ensure that your decorations stay put and will keep them all together in one place.

Our bags are designed to slide effortlessly under your bed, but they are good to store in the attic, garage or even atop a wardrobe. They are made from a multi-layer laminated blend which includes Nylon to help prevent rips, punctures and tears.


Vacuum Pack fabric decorations

We all have beautiful sentimental decorations that we put on display each festive season to give our homes a cosy Christmassy feel, and some can be very old delicate! Using a Packmate Vacuum Storage Bag will protect your cherished stockings, tablecloths, throw pillows and much more from dust, dirt and bugs. What’s more, your decorations are guaranteed to fluff back up when you open the bag the following year!

Make sure to get your hands on our Bumper Flat Vacuum Storage Bag Set before Christmas so you can pack away your décor safely. The Vacuum Storage Bags are also perfect for storing seasonal clothing and bedding, keeping them fresh and immaculate until next time. The bumper set includes two jumbo, two extra-large and two large bags – our best value pack, take a look here.

We’d love to see your storage hacks so make sure to share them on social media and don’t forget to tag us!

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From all at Packmate, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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