Top 10 university essentials

Many of you will now be packing up ready to leave for university, so it’s time to get all your essentials in order.

When planning for university it’s important to seriously consider what you really need, so that you can thoroughly enjoy the settling in period without worrying. So, we’ve put together a checklist of 10 essential items to pack for university.

  1. Store cupboard food – we know you’re not going to be a culinary genius, (you might be, who knows, but chances are the microwave is going to be your best friend) so it’s a good idea to pack a few store cupboard essentials. Top up with tins, packets, sachets, and instant noodles so you have time to eat between lectures (and hangovers).
  1. Blanket – it might sound like a daft suggestion but trust us here. Money is precious and scarce for students. Why spend more on heating when there’s a student night to attend? That blanket will be your saviour, plus it’s always nice to make your room feel a bit cosier.
  1. Flipflops / slippers – come prepared if you live in university halls. You’re most likely going to be enjoying the once in a lifetime experience of shared facilities. Not only are students typically known for not being so hygienic, but we come back to the lack of heat you may experience. Flip flops might save you from sticking to last night’s tequila left on the floor and your slippers can help avoid hyperthermia.
  1. Toiletries – you never want to be caught short, so it’s a good idea to pack items like paracetamol (you’ll need it for Freshers’ Flu!). Toiletries are items that many students begrudgingly buy. That last fiver could be a great night out. Get your parents and guardians to stock you up. Be sure to hide them though, there’s always that one housemate who uses half a bottle of bodywash each time.
  1. Electronics – Obviously, we don’t need to remind you to bring your phone, that’s glued to your hand anyway, isn’t it? However, make sure you have a laptop, how else will you procrastinate over essays, while secretly binge-watching Netflix instead?
  1. Recipe books – bear with while we explain this one. There are only so many Pot Noodles you will be able to take. Also, cooking is a great way to bond with your housemates. Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to be the next Gordon Ramsay. There are loads of helpful university specific recipe books that give you quick, easy and cheap meals ideas.
  1. Sports kit – if you’ve always played for a team, whether it’s football, rugby, netball, hockey, swimming, or something else, you might decide to keep up with it. Or you might even want to try something new. Joining a sports team at university is a fantastic way to make new friends and to get the most out of your university experience. Plus…. Varsity!
  1. Fancy dress – whilst it might not sound like your cup of tea, the last thing you want is to be dressed in your civvies whilst surrounded by cowboys and Indians. During Freshers’ Week, and to be honest, whenever there’s a good enough excuse like, Wednesday, there’s always a series of themed nights like back to school, toga or lifeguards, you don’t want to miss out!
  1. Memorabilia – you’ve lived in your hometown with your parents / guardians for 18-years, no matter how “tough” you are, you’re going to miss them and your friends. Make sure you pack something sentimental to curb the homesickness. Many people create a photo wall in their dorm. It helps make it more personal to you, but you can also smile at your loved ones back home and reminisce.
  1. Day-to-day bag – this isn’t just for the ladies. Gents, you’ll need a strong bag that will comfortably carry a laptop, notepad and a few books. For those who love a handbag – great but make sure it is big enough for anything you need for your lectures too. The last thing you want is to be juggling everything and dropping that £30 course book in a puddle.

It won’t be a surprise to learn that most university rooms are fairly small. You essentially have your life in one room, so being clever with storing towels, your spare bedding, seasonal clothes and more will be a life saver.

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