Travel roll storage bags

Flat storage bags designed for suitcases and rucksacks – ideal for travelling.

Perfect for packing clothing, towels and toiletries.

Roll flat by hand – no need for a vacuum.

Our Travel storage bags come in a variety of sizes. All sizes are in cm.

Large: 50 x 70cm – Ideal for suitcase. Can fit up to 48 Men’s T-Shirts.

Medium: 40 x 50cm – Perfect for a backpack

Small: 25 x 38cm – Great for carry-on luggage

See what our customers have to say about our bags.

5 star rating By Ramani Thangarasah
I have used this for my family for our holidays abroad. This is really good and does what it says. It saves so much space in the bags and when you have young children luggage space is very important. These bags do come in handy.

5 star rating By Frances McGarry
I am delighted with this set of travel bags – I was able to get everything in my case and still it only weighed 15kgs. The items were not crumpled when I took them out and as I was on a coach tour, having a set enabled me to organise everything so that I unpacked only what I needed day by day. I recommend them!

5 star rating By Donna Keys
Wherever I go I take my pillow with me, these travel bags make it possible to compress it into a small item that I throw in my suitcase. I just returned from a skiing trip and compacted my ski jacket and pants, it was great. I don’t travel without these.

5 star rating By Peter Terence Dawson
Ideal when spaxe is limited and to keep clothes clean and tidy.

5 star rating By Sue
I love these bags. I go camping and can pack a lot more clothes in by using these. Have recommended to friends, they couldnt believe the amount the bags hold.

5 star rating By Val Anderson
A friend lent me these for travelling when taking only cabin luggage. Brilliant. Packed enough for 6 days in Spain. On return bought 2 packs – ready for the next time

5 star rating By Shaz
I bought these from Lakeland to store my bulkier crocheted scarves and wraps. The job was done using the largest of the four-pack lot of bags. I used the others to start to pack my stash of wool (two boxes) and unfinished jobs (one box). One colour per bag. Brilliant! I still need more bags to finish the job but I can see my stash (and unfinished jobs!) being reduced in total to one storage box now. Fantastic.

5 star rating By Mrs o’loughlin
my huge king sized winter duvet is now stored under the spare bed , reduced to manageable size . No sign of it re-inflating , so I am very happy

5 star rating By Pip
I am amazed – it really works! I just packed up all the winter jumpers in no time at all, and without the vacuum cleaner and managed to get loads into the drawer under the bed. I’m going to do the winter quilts next!